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  1. I know I am. Just way too boring. I don't think I'll read an interview or article from now on until I see that headline.
  2. Nevermind. Has too many hits to overlook, Come as You Are, SLTS, In Bloom, Something in the Way, Lithium. Even with the other crap on it, it still holds up.
  3. Perry Farrell Axl Rose Layne Staley Rod Stewart Brian Johnson Bonnie Tyler Shannon Hoon William Shatner
  4. I hope this band just ends. I just don't fucking care anymore.
  5. Considering he ruined the band, yeah. Also, Axl technically was a guitarist in GN'R. Let's not forget Beta on Bass.
  6. Heard of them. Never heard them.
  7. Maybe he already did and that's why there is no more.
  8. I haven't heard this kind of talk/praise since Van Halen's last album. I haven't had heard this kind of build of expectations since Chinese Democracy. It will be interesting when it finally comes out.
  9. Maybe one day he is going to wake up and realize he doesn't want to do it anymore.
  10. I think he's a pawn in their shop for guitarists.
  11. I think he's trying to build bridges but I think he's being used.
  12. Mansfield for $161 for "okay" seats. Most I've ever paid for a ticket. :/ I don't know how much longer Aerosmith will keep touring this will be a bucket list item. Going to be awesome though.
  13. Something about making fun of him for being a junkie.
  14. Remember Matt Sorum's story on his final days with the band having heard what Paul said about Slash? Unforgivable.
  15. I love the Elaine What are your favorite dances?
  16. I think Guns N' Roses hates their own fans.
  17. I think Miser moved on now. Last I heard he was trying to get a job and improve himself. I think he's sane now.
  18. I think there will be a time and place where GN'R will have to open for Dizzy's band and there will be 14 members in attendance. "Daddy, is that Guns N' Roses?" "No son, Guns N' Roses was a band from a long, long time ago. They were really popular." "What is that then Dad?' "....I'm not really sure".
  19. You're like the peaceful generation from the alternate ending to Terminator 2. You survived while others perished. Right place at right time I guess.
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