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  1. I think it was Towelie that said there was a UK article about how Axl's 2018 performance had redeemed himself for his 2006 performance. So it seems that music journalists only care about the Slash return/reunion aspect and aren't even really paying attention. That's how all reviewers are these days, be it film/tv/music/games. No honesty anymore.
  2. In all seriousness it's hilarious that the only single GNR has released since Slash has returned (SOYL) has a Tobias songwriting credit but not Slash.
  3. If you mean Slash couldn't handle that boring ass, pointless, long winded intro without falling asleep, then I agree. Glad he's fixed it.
  4. Hardschool (and to a lesser degree Ain't Goin Down) still beat the hell out of Shadow Of Your Love, which sounds like a random filler track from some nobody hair metal band. If Shadow could get the spotlight in 2018 surely Hardschool is deserving of that place is this leg of the endless cashgrab tour.
  5. Axl actually sounded good on PTU and TAY in the rehearsal. His Hardschool was hideous though, can't imagine how bad the chorus was.
  6. All promotion is now "We're F'N Back", no sign of "The Next Chapter". Axl's worthless lazy cunt ass is seriously going to use the pandemic as a selling point for another nostalgia tour in order to delay an album release yet again.
  7. 1.Axl kind of brought the fat memes on himself by going full Streisand effect and literally trying to get the bloated pictures removed from the internet, not once, but twice, even after the first attempt was a PR disaster. 2.This place will stay blacklisted no matter what, look at the AFD podcast, which did nothing but suck TB's dick for years and got blacklisted anyway. Mygnr tried to have a positive relationship but got blacklisted because they wouldn't ban discussion of the leaks.
  8. If it has CD 2 tracks Soul Monster/General/Berlin, of course I'd be excited, as those songs were written by Axl Rose when he was still Axl Rose. If not, I couldn't give a fuck. Slash hasn't written a decent instrumental since 2010 and Axl is a drugged up, washed up, woke corporate jukebox. Why would I want brand new songs from him?
  9. http://www.instagram.com/tv/CRRvqsbAafV/?utm_medium=copy_link "I've heard from two different sources that I'm being blocked from interviewing Frank again, from Dizzy again, from any Guns N Roses person again. Because of a text Fernando sent out to Dizzy, to Melissa, even though Melissa wants to come on the show, to Richard who's been on before, to Frank, they made Frank paranoid, I was actually asked if I could take down the episode after. I even asked Frank before the episode, if there was stuff he didn't want to talk about, I could edit stuff out."
  10. Fermanager hasn't been on Reddit in over a month. No surprise the coward runs away now that his promises of new music in 2021 have turned out to be BS and he doesn't have Covid to use as an excuse.
  11. Bucket will never perform with Axl again in any capacity.
  12. I think that ad is just a recycled version of last year's promo that the promoters are using to advertise this particular show. The band don't seem to be using the "next chapter" angle this time, given the "we're f'n back" and "stomping covid" image.
  13. Rick asked Fortus if new music was going to be played and he gave a "shush/keep it a secret" emoji. He has spewed vague platitudes about new music for years but has yet to outright sadistically toy with fans like Fernacunt, so we'll see I guess.
  14. As for his performance, I honestly couldn't care less if Axl returned to 2006/2010 vocals if he isn't going to use it to sing anything new. I love Think About You & Pretty Tied Up but the time to add shit like that was in 2012 during the Up Close And Personal Tour and Vegas residency. An arena tour five years after the reunion with no new songs is complete shit.
  15. Looks like this year has moved from "The Next Chapter" to "We're F'N Back". Axl will always find a way to avoid releasing music. I assume the line from his parasites will be that they wanted to tour the new album in Europe and NA (in 2020 the Europe and NA tours we're supposed to be back to back) and since Europe had to be bumped to 2022, they wanted to use this year to celebrate the return to live shows. Wonder what the excuse will be next year.
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