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  1. Disbanded and retired in 93 after the uyi tour
  2. After listening I had to click the link to see if it was a dustin bones production
  3. Is that izzy after becoming a goth tranny?
  4. This is gonna be like the 10th time they release youre crazy
  5. Lots of brazilians here the past few days
  6. Where is the guy here thats is gay for Fortus.? Whats his name..
  7. Lmao at the S in the top left. I used to make those in elementary school. "Guns n roses was here". Team Brazil made this thinking it looks edgy.
  8. Smh. This band never fails to disappoint
  9. I never thought of disliking it on youtube. Will do now
  10. Lmao.. This is amazing. The random howls
  11. No..Axl sounds like shit since the reunion
  12. I vaguely remember hearing that and liking it.. Looks like they replaced weiland with some generic girl singer
  13. Wish he would change singers already on gnr and the conspirators
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