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  1. Oh shit ..this is what a axl solo album would sound like nowadays with no slash or dorf
  2. Who wins a mortal kombat tourney between all current and former members. Which members have which fatalities . Does axl dominate due to his massive weight advantage? These are the questions I want answers to..
  3. Lmfao. It sounds exactly like him
  4. I wish they would rename it axl rose solo album. Thats how I have it on my music files so when I play gnr on shuffle this trash doesn't pop up
  5. They dropping the uyi boxset this year or what
  6. What does he do on these edits? Dont feel like listening through them
  7. Whoever took the time to write this out is gay and needs serious help
  8. Axl needs to get on tom bradys tb12 diet Can the leech fernando forward this link to him plz http://tb12sports.com/shop/category/nutrition?utm_medium=organic&utm_source=homepage mobile&utm_campaign=nutrition
  9. Lmao at this Gay wishing Fortus was in a partnership to make him seem more important in his mind.. What a weirdo
  10. Too bad no demos or early versions haven't leaked
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