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  1. Sad part is how badly you want that to be true. Yet Its based in nothing but your rage. I've worked in huge clubs alongside the best in the game. You're fantasies won't change that. Keep on teaching retards. I guess they chose you for that job cuz they figured you'd relate to them
  2. What we need is less stupid half asses memes from shitposters and lame fake stories from the admin..
  3. I've seen the new Star Wars twice and have not seen this. Does anykne have any actual confirmation this is real? Or is this just one of those dumb pointless unfunny fake news articles that certain people like posting here?
  4. When listening to an artist isn't easy or enjoyable it kind of defeats the purpose, no?
  5. even though no one has mentioned anything about "cardinal" in months. you just had to add that to make it seem like there's two sides in the wrong here and there isn't. stop trying to please everyone.
  6. Coma is so cooool cuz it's 10 minutes long and slash has a top hay duuuude
  7. My poata get deleted but all the shootists in my threads don't. Jb can't run his site. It's always been others.
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