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  1. You just eat your banana and be quiet.
  2. Remember when Slash's brother went full retard and claimed Slash would never be the new Ashba about 15 minutes before they announced Slash as the new Ashba? Good times. Wonder what happened to that guy.
  3. That's because he's the new Ashba.
  4. Q: What were hipster fags called before they were hipster fags? A: Nirvana fans.
  5. Fuck feminists. Fake eyebrows are retarded and those stupid ass long fake nails are too.
  6. Sorry, retard, nobody gives me money. I'm not going to join you in whining about rich rock stars though. Anybody know who this mygina faggot is? Or is it just some discord bitch?
  7. Poor Slash and Duff. They must have been starving.
  8. There has to be some special monkey out there that could do something about this sort of thing. I hear frogs don't like salt, if that helps.
  9. I do give her style points for ripping off The Rock's People's Eyebrow though.
  10. Never heard that song, but I can't imagine it was any better 100 years ago when it was released. Pure shit.
  11. How do you consider drawn on eyebrows to be great? Never understood that one.
  12. You sound like Meltzer. Spouting "sources" that are probably telling you incredibly stupid things just to see if you're dumb enough to run around repeating them. Next we'll get "plans changed" as the coverup as to why there are no Ashba writing credits on songs written way before he was in the band. At the very least you should be smarter than him and take your sources down with you.
  13. @Sydney fanI literally have no idea how this happened. I was replying to your post in the US politics thread and now we're here.
  14. If they were going to kill her it would be before she could testify. When she reaches the stand all agreements for her to take a small slap on the wrist will have already been made.
  15. Could either one of them roll to the sub without outside assistance after the ring fell though? Might still last forever with them laying there.
  16. Instead of chanting "fight forever" we could chant "fat forever" and it would last forever because neither could climb the pole.
  17. Only interesting battle those fat bastards could have is at the buffet line.
  18. Did I mention that I'm glad you're back?
  19. Found it in the top left. For some reason it's rendering weird for me and I didn't even think to look in whatever mess that is.
  20. Did I go full retard or is the search function gone? I can't find it.
  21. You try holding a head that fat up for 60 years.
  22. I remember laughing at it when Slash was doing it with his solo albums. Still funny.
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