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  1. That's exactly how old ass Axl should always sound. If only the fat cunt cared.
  2. That's me. I'm Old Gravy Biceps.
  3. True, but his being fat and shit is an ongoing thing. He isn't consistently getting surgery for us to discuss.
  4. So then it's been discussed. To death. Long ago. So long I had time to forget Axl acknowledged it.
  5. Guess you must have been the glue.
  6. See what happens when you spazz out over mafia? Mags and Jackie Moon leave and we develope a mygina infestation. Don't let it happen again.
  7. Glad to see she's doing her part to keep the average IQ of mygina users in the single digits. Can't really claim to feel sorry for her at all.
  8. It's all speculation and none of it is original. It's rarely mentioned because nobody has any proof of it whatsoever
  9. He never sounded bad, his voice just evolved passed the human eardrum. My god, this man's talent knows no end.
  10. His voice is too good now for modern technology. He evolved and YouTube didn't.
  11. Facts. All of those old videos that the truth fags deleted actually had Axl singing worse than now. That's why he sounds so amazing in person. YouTube can't keep up with Axl's voice in its final form.
  12. I'm in for $20. Just please, don't think of me while you're doing it. Unless I get pictures.
  13. Who's alt are you? @Bill Brasky won't tell me.
  14. Every band in the world should think they're the greatest. Even when they clearly suck.
  15. If El Duce said Courtney killed Kurt, it's good enough for me.
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