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  1. Best song the band did.
  2. Now this looks like home.

    1. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      All Roads led home. 

  3. Have you ever tried deleting it? Then it won't show up when you play anything on shuffle.
  4. If I cared I'd point out how I don't give a shit what some nerd with walls of text had to say. Only if I cared though.
  5. Lazy cunt can still sing if he wants to. ACDC and Rock The Rock both proved that. Why people are still pretending he lost his voice and not realizing he's just fat and worthless is a better question.
  6. Can you buy a website and have it redirect somewhere?
  7. It's weird seeing myginers come here to start threads they want other myginers to see. Maybe try posting a thread at mygina?
  8. Physics defying chicken legs. How in the fuck are those twigs holding up that mountain?
  9. False. I hate Buckethead and Fink. Stupid ass freak shows.
  10. I'm in shock... I can't bring myself to believe that it lasted this long.
  11. That went right over my head. Thought you edited your post to say nothing. Now that I put some thought into it, I'm not even sure you could do that though.
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