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  1. It's always been the two different words in the 2 verses
  2. Axl would redeem himself for every shitty thing he's done (or hasn't done) for the past 30 years if it was him trolling everyone and it was him singing and releasing these you tube videos
  3. I don't mind Myles Slash and him have a few pretty good songs He did a pretty decent job at the RnRHOF too.
  4. Remember when Miser died?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RedHook


      I think it really brought out the spirit of Easter to have Miser rise from the dead 3 days after.

    3. Sick Boy

      Sick Boy

      He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

    4. arnold layne
  5. Slash at 1:07 mark. It doesn't get more bored then that
  6. The Nose has an estimated net worth of approx 10 million Not too shabby playing guitar in a cover band I make jokes, but I like Fortus He's a solid guitar player, doesn't make a fuss. Decent bloke
  7. GnRLiars

    The Next Game

    You hosting?
  8. I remember reading that when this song was getting radio play in Australia (apparently it was a pretty big hit) It was confirmed that Izzy had been spending time in Australia around then. It's all coincidental, but the timeliness match up
  9. I would imagine Slash and Duff have been active with their own stuff. Same with the Nose and the (I can't keep)Timekeeper The girl is likely doing stuff with Brian The only one content watching which will grow faster His waistline or Betas bank account Is the red haired gay hillbilly
  10. don't go getting all angry again
  11. He did on AFD and UYI..... I mean, it's no coincidence he sounds like shit on live era (rerecorded vocals) And sounds like a mostly tortured cat on CD
  12. No. It's a shit sing with a shit video. I didn't like it when it came out and I liken it even less now That song killed any edge GnR still had. I heard it for the first time in Toronto before UYI came out. They played 2 warm up shows in the summer before UYI were released and they played it. I thought to myself "This is the song they keep talking about?" I will die on this hill November Rain killed Guns n Roses
  13. What if Axl didn't write any of the songs he claimed to have written? What if West Arkeen actually wrote them? What if Axl stole them from him? I've thought this for a long long time. It would explain a lot
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