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  1. Exactly. People always make fun that slash and duff are hired guns in Axls band, but the minute either one of them confirm it, it's a big deal "I'm, they're just in it for the money" Of course they are
  2. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Slash basically said it It's just a gig. The gravy trail will run out eventually. Axl Slash a d Duff will have more money than so e countries GDP, the chick Frank and the nose will continue to do stuff. Meh, who cares
  3. I tnink you missed my point. I don't think he cares about CD2. It's not his music. He's reworking other people's parts, Like he said, it's just a gig. And ya, I think it's clear all Axl wants to do is release nothing new. Only reworked old songs from when Slash and Dufff went in the band. So I'm guessing he did that and has moved in to his own thing. But GnR is a cash cow, at least for now it still is and he's milking it for very dollar. Can't say I don't blame him, I would too.
  4. Honestly at this point, who cares? It's clear Axl.wants to release CD 2 and Slash has other plans Opinions on the level of music aside, can you blame Slash for not wanting to do CD2? Why would he want to work on someone else's music?
  5. To that point, My neighbour who is 29 saw the track spelling for Hard Skool and he just laughed Said, they're too old to be spelling their song title like that He's not wrong
  6. Ok maybe not angry... but So negative Always negativity with you I shudder to see what doodles you do in math class when the teacher is trying to teach you fractions and long division. How many animals did you torture last week? Take that number and divide it by the number of days in a week. Then you'll have an accurate indication of how completely insane the gypsy really is Fuckimg weirdo
  7. I just went onto his website, price checked the vinyl plus delivery. 77 bucks. For one fucking album What the fuck is that shit
  8. You know you've won the conversation when the idiot starts calling you a homosexual and says he fucked your wife. Weak brah
  9. Axl, Axl, Axl!!!!!!! Where are you? I'm giving you unecessaey praise. Please cum on my chest
  10. That's better than literally anything that your Fred Flintstone stoneage gypsy living forgotten part of the world you're in I thought you were trying to insult me.
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