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  1. Both of his new songs are bad but I like River is Rising more than this, the riff gives me a headache. The first time Slash is more annoying than Myles, though it is a close one.
  2. I like how duff still calls himself punk even after he wore ashba swag
  3. I do not really like 91 that much. Slash for a lot of it is much sloppier than usual and I would say 91 has more bad vocal performances than 92. But I would still rather have attended or listen to a 91 show because of the sets. But GNR were great live most of the time from 86-90 and had good runs in the UYI tour. 06-10 are also good live if you can ignore 06 BBF and then Ashba.
  4. Layne was mainly awful in 1996. Sad to see, I won’t be a fan of it just because it’s a miracle he was even able to perform with how strung out he was
  5. I would imagine 88-89, that is when the Facelift demos were done
  6. I like the Village Atlas a lot. I just think by now axl and caram tweaked it so much it got ruined.
  7. There is an 100% chance Axl and Caram completely butchered Atlas by now
  8. Slash said SMKC 5 is already written so the GNR album will have to come after that too. Also If Duff does another solo album, GNR can't release CD2 then either.
  9. Axl is still stuck in 99 with the skool and backwards r
  10. I have no idea why they didn’t release CD2 with slash and duff in 2016. It probably took them 2 weeks to learn and rework the songs so why didn’t they release it when there was hype lol so silly. Oh Axl. I agree that them not releasing old shows is also missing out on very easy money. Metallica does something similar to what you mentioned with buying concerts. Letting people buy SBDs and Proshots of UYI shows would be a very easy way to make money .
  11. I will say early 2006 was mickey and was very similar to 2002, but by the end of 06 and 07 for the most part he started getting more rasp. But I agree that 2010 was a lot better. Those Canada 2010 shows are some of the best vocals Axl done since 91 same with Bucharest
  12. wdym 06 and 2010 were great for the most part vocal wise
  13. Slash songs are real music unlike the robot noises of Buckethead's music ?
  14. 2001 CD is better than OMG but OMG is better than 08 CD
  15. I am sure the big gun of the album will be "April Fool"
  16. Considering that this cd is only on the gnr site and won't even be put on spotify (so it's not even a real EP) or whatever I bet it will just be selects quality. But it would be cool if he did new vocals to hear what he would sound like. Doubtful tho
  17. I don’t mind the first two alter bridge albums that much but I hate from right around when Myles starter with Slash he started using the high pitched voice all the time pretty much it is just so annoying
  18. If I was still in HS I would put the hard skool stickers all over my locker
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