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  1. there cannot be too many more songs with vocals we haven't heard. IIRC Axl said he just sang on Soulmonster but that can mean he sang it like quick song. We probably won't get anything unless a 2003 session locker leak thing happens again
  2. The ending is good but the rest goes on way too long. Also the overdubs are awful.
  3. Thank you DJ by take care of us
  4. Honestly if Mr. Bones does a song they did live and we put his audio on it. I bet we would be able to have a magazine or site report on it thinking it is real.
  5. It was meh. I was not a fan of the Sorry solo and the 50 min Rocket Queen. Axl wasn't really good either. He was better during the NA shows. It has it's moments I guess tho.
  6. They should just do 2006 or 2010 if they want more modern Axl.
  7. I think another reason Riad wasn't played was cause Ashba couldn't play it lol.
  8. I like how this guy sounds better than this
  9. No!!! I was planning on wearing my Covid-45 shirt to one of these shows!
  10. Hopefully Axl invites this guy on stage at their next show
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