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  1. I asked him about Perhaps too. He ignored that part of the question, he is probably not going to talk unreleased songs
  2. I am not sure if that means there is a May Rhiad somewhere out there but even if it is we will never hear it cause that would predate the village version. He wrote back in less than a day too I was surprised
  3. I got bored and I emailed Tommy on his site lol and he said this, he ignored the part about Perhaps because he probably does not want to talk about unreleased songs.
  4. Riad is not a Jazz song but it does use chords very common in Jazz music.
  5. Listened to the new Slash song and Myles is so awful oh my god. The guitar on it is nothing special or anything but Slash is doing himself no favors working with him.
  6. Yeah they are probably 95% similar to the Beaven mixes anyway if twat is anything to go back
  7. The only song that says “old beaven mix” is on the TWAT cd
  8. The only Beaven song we have is TWAT anyway, it would take Tommy two minutes to teach hik the Riad chords, idk why you make it seem like May wouldn’t ask the songwriter how to play a song lol. You said Bucket wasn’t on the Village Riad last night!!!
  9. Ok Tommy said this very recently he has no reason to lie now lol. That was to protect a song because it leaked. So by your logic, we shouldn’t believe a band member because you think he is wrong, someone that thought Bucket wasn’t on the Village riad. Tommy said Axl sang all the songs on CD, that must not be true then either cause he is a drunk. i am sure Tommy would remember teaching someone like Brain May a song that he wrote. I don’t know why you are so against believing him? Because he drinks? If that is the case we should believe absolutely nobody because everyone connected to GNR is a drug addict or has mental problems lol. We have a first hand source saying that May played Riad, again we do not know if he actually recorded it or what. Hell even May said different things, one interview he said about two and a half songs about and another he said three. I’m just going by a band member and how there has always been doubt that May was even on Perhaps, for all we know the third song could have just been an instrumental we never heard.
  10. I’m just going by what a band member said, I don’t think Tommy is remembering wrong because the Riad chorus does have Jazz chords. But then again we don’t know if May just wanted to learn the song or if he actually played on it. The only song 100% confirmed is May is Catcher, everything else is speculation even though Atlas is most definitely him.
  11. Buckethead is on the old josh drums version of Riad, after the robin bends bucket comes in, so your ears might be wrong on May on Perhaps.
  12. Ok Bucket was never on Catcher so there is no reason for anyone to replace May yet, and Catcher was not on the early tracklists for CD in 2008 so Axl probably never wanted it on CD and added the stuff late, as noted by BBF because he was still sending in solos the day before the cd was set to get mixed lol. Maybe because Axl wanted Bucket on riad instead, we have no idea, remember there is a 99 version of CD before Bucket joined which could have the May version of Riad if it even exists. Also IMO, Perhaps sounds more like Robin than May.
  13. Since Tommy taught Brian the chord for Riad, he would have most likely done rhythm and not a solo. Also we do not know if Bucket replaced all of his guitar tracks on the song. I do not know why you refuse to believe Tommy? He led all the band rehearsals, wrote Riad, was in the studio when May was there, and taught May how to play Riad lol. I have never said we heard the May verison of Raid or if it even exists, all we know is May was on 3 song. Catcher and Atlas are confirmed, the third song is still up in the air, now would I rather believe you, or an actual band member? There were people doubtful it was May on Perhaps when the song first leaked and then Tommy saying that May was playing on Riad pretty much imo confirms the 3rd song was riad, even if we never heard the may version of it.
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