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  1. He still sounded the same as the other recent shows for the most part….still better than hershey like I would have used the sick excuse then
  2. Guys Axl has been sick for the last 10 years! He will sound great again when he gets over the illness
  3. Yeah the issue is they released everything except for Ain’t goin down and a couple instrumental TSI covers. Maybe some demos would be cool but considering they had to ask Troccil or however you spell his name for mystic and didn’t even include all of Sound City I won’t hold my breath
  4. Slash posted hard skool rehearsal on his tiktok http://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRCerPx1/
  5. for me shadow of you love doesn't show up until I type in "shadow of y"
  6. idk how spotify does their results like does it show up because a lot of people google Hard Skool GNR???
  7. DeadSlash on discord said that when you type in hard school or hard skool on spotify SOYL pops up and GNR shows up under artists. It is true hmm
  8. the guy saying slash at the end of the clip makes it perfect lol
  9. the top comments on IG are asking for Don't Cry lol and people on Twitter want Coma, Axl will die doing that at this point
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