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  1. Slashonline.com on the 3rd rank? lol Slash FTW
  2. Thank you for those nice interviews LRI. Vicky hit the nail on the head with this line......... " It’s hard…..it’s hard to really describe what that band was like but it was amazing and it was pure magic. Noone can take that away from them. I went to go see Axl’s Hired Guns at the Forum this January. All those guys in Axl’s band are technically great musicians but that magic and fire is gone, it’s just….dead and gone. There was no fire. It’s not what GNR was when they were young and living. That was like real life to them, those songs were their lives, it wasn’t just a bunch of good musicians playing a show, it was REAL. It’s those five guys or nothing" btw, you should try to get an Axl interview too
  3. Axl I love you (honestly) thank you for the music, the concerts, the drama and the soup you've bought a homeless woman .. but you are still a stupid wanker
  4. Come on now. We have 25 years of evidece to draw from. What's more liekly? Axl as dictator or Axl as easygoing fun guy? And the evidence is what again? Duff, Izzy and Slash have all stated in interviews that one of the reasons they quit was because of Axl's meglomania and need to control everything. Then of course there is the small matter of Axl fighting for control of the GnR brand name........ What other proof do you need? Izzy stated A LOT of reasons for why he quit. He even didn't want Slash to join the band because he hated Slash's style and sound. So pick your favorite reason for why Izzy quit. Trying to blame Axl for Izzy quitting is not factual at all when you take into consideration all the other reasons. And the fact that Izzy and Axl are best buddies says a lot. Axl never demanded Izzy to publicly apologize because nothing Izzy has ever said were said with serious intent. You have no clue about the what happened with the GnR name rights. Axl did not victimize Slash and Duff. Go recheck your story on this one. Slash and Duff were fawked out of their minds on booze and drugs. So to them, of course it would seem like Axl was trying to control everything. When in fact it was Axl who was trying to prevent everything from falling a part, especially in the face of their deaths. Did Axl start GnR? Yes. Is GnR Axl's band? Yes. Is GnR Axl's solo project? Yes. So Axl has every right to do what he must to protect GnR. But to claim that Axl treated Slash or Duff like slaves, is far from the truth.
  5. Hey Jarmo, stop posting here !
  6. Brownstone HD version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJCRd22TFV0&feature=related
  7. he repeated that verse 3 times in a row ? epic lulz
  8. What did you bring in Guns N Roses?.............Cocaine i love you matt
  9. i really hope the camera dude keep's up the good work (zoom in)
  10. Sorry sir but you forget to include @AxlRose , may he will provide a simulcast rant
  11. it seems that the majority of the people who post on jarmos mentally retarded site are some sort of brainwashed and incarcerated child molester . sometimes , when i'm bored, i visit this page for a good laugh ,but at the same time i feel sorry for those retards
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