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  1. does a CPU without integrated video works with a motherboard with onboard video?  Seems a no-brainer but I've been said no by two different people...

    1. Luis


      Depends on the CPU + MB combo

  2. we need to reduce KOHD to length of 30 minutes before it becomes a 3 hour nightmare. Imagine a show without scom
  3. If you are not listening to Steven Wilson's Personal Shopper, are you really quarantining?

  4. Mr Rose, are you ever playing Hard School live? Mr Rose, are you there? Mr Rose, are you feeling welll? Mr Rose:
  5. Sing full hardschool chorus while you wash your hands to make sure you're taking the necessary time for it.

  6. Lollapalloza AR CANCELLED.

    No Hard School live debut due to Corona Virus.

  7. we need reactions, i'd need this one right now ?
  8. Ovy on the drums > Steven Adler

  9. I already apologized for raping you in the ass as a child, and leaving you traumatized for life. Get over it bro.
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