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  1. Ron is guilty of deception & should be fired from GN’R with immediate effect.
  2. TM ripping on the forum is in a sense pointing his aircraft, which was once for the forum, against it. & as a result, his cult status will die (much like the suicide).
  3. My source (http://www.bumblefoot.com/discography/pinkpanther/pinkpanther.htm) has informed me that Ron Bumblefoot Thal did not write The Pink Panther Theme and that it was in fact Henry Mancini. …
  4. This is right out of Full Metal Jacket. Sgt Meadows, after continuous flak, turns his weapon on his own comrades.
  5. I often wonder does Axl remain Christian or see himself as a demi-God. I don’t think Beta would argue against the notion.
  6. You can’t deduct that until the actual website launches; what we have now is provisional.
  7. The band would suggest present tense. Whereas this particular line-up ceases to exist. Little petty.
  8. #1 GN’R have major plans MSL, as a fan, didn’t wish to compromise. #2 GN’R are presently committed to an extensive tour plan. Why would a fan compromise that? #3 Guns live (at those two Florida shows MSL personally witnessed) developed a sense of empathy. I don’t see an active MSL for a while – certainly until the charm of those shows diminishes with time.
  9. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/guns-n-roses-announce-more-cities-for-u-s-tour-20110921 Guns N' Roses have announced more cities for their upcoming U.S. tour. Only seven of the 21 shows have announced venues and dates at this point, but they appear to have at least put the shows in order – so it's not that hard to figure out roughly when they're coming to town. The U.S. tour kicks off October 28th in Orlando, Florida and ends up in Denver (probably sometime in mid-December), though a press release promises that more "dates, cites and venue information" will be announced soon. It's also pretty easy to determine what venue they'll hit with the information they have provided. When they come to East Rutherford, New Jersey, it's far more likely they'll hit the Izod Center than the New Meadowlands Stadium or the harness racing track. The same goes for Worcester, Massachusetts. They might play at the parking lot of a Burger King, but more likely it's the DCU Center. If these Guns N' Roses gigs are anything like their shows throughout the past decade, expect lots of songs from Appetite For Destruction and Chinese Democracy and relatively few from the Use Your Illusion albums. Also, expect the band to take the stage comically late with no one onstage named Slash, Duff or Izzy. You will get a Bumblefoot, a Dizzy and a former member of the Replacements, though. Here's the current tour itinerary.: 10/28 Orlando, FL @ Amway Center Arena 10/29 Miami, FL @ American Airlines Arena 10/31 Greenville, SC @ Bi-Lo Center Arena 11/2 Atlanta, GA @ Phillips Arena Houston, TX 11/5 Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavillion Omaha, NE Tulsa, OK 11/12 Kansas City, MO @ Sprint Center Arena 11/13 Minneapolis, MN @ Target Center Arena Chicago, IL @ All State Arena East Rutherford, NJ Hartford, CT Wilkes-Barre, PA Worcester, MA Camden, NJ Detroit, MI Cincinnati, OH Nashville, TN Indianapolis, IN Denver, CO
  10. How can you compare a one off performance to a regular touring act? Would this particular “line-up” be anywhere near as exciting thirty gigs down the line? No.
  11. http://www.967irock.com/site 96-7 I-ROCK has your tickets to see GUNS N' ROSES! ALL STATE ARENA Tuesday November 15 Become an I-ROCK INSIDER to sign up to win tickets!
  12. Do you actually expect people to partake in a poll when its legitimacy is compromised from the offset (i.e. questioning the validity of GN’R and insinuating GN’R’s only action will be touring in the polling options)? No, continue GN’R.
  13. http://www.targetcenter.com/default.asp?targetcenter=87&objId=956 Guns N’ Roses announce a tour this fall with a Minneapolis play on the Sunday, November 13, 2011. The group has toured extensively overseas in recent years, but they haven’t done a U.S. tour since 2006.
  14. I didn’t suggest it was “new”, nor am I “getting my hopes up”. I am not ruling out either possibility, however (in terms of continuation or a new concept). In my opinion the most concrete evidence is the Movistar publication (which implicates a continuation).
  15. There is evidence supporting the idea this is an otherwise tour and evidence to the contrary (i.e. a continuation of the previous tour). The absence of “Chinese Democracy World Tour” on the tickets (unlike the last South American tour) is encouraging. I can’t see why or how the Movistar Arena could make such a mistake, though (they’ll have been given a prospectus clearly outlining the conditions of the performance).
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