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  1. Let me put it in a way I can understand it......a skinny, gorgeous Japanese broad with an ass like Auad likes, and a perfect flawless face with long silky hair, and a enormous soft natural tits, all natural, no plastic surgery.....THAT'S one in a million!!!
  2. Holy Shit. I don't even know what to say........this is the most generous thing I've ever seen in my life. This is insane. I can't let you gentlemen down. I need to start TRAINING. I gotta not jerk off for like two weeks so I'm ready to unleash a geyser on whatever lucky lady is gonna get your hard-earned cash. You guys are fucking amazing. I am truly humbled.
  3. I always tell everyone to do it. We make fun of these fat shit assholes, but we never know when our last chance to see them in person will be. Don't regret missing the last chance.
  4. They opened the encore with Coma tonight. That would have been such a baller move if Axl could actually sing it.
  5. It's HD footage of Lemmiwinks on his journey to escape Axl's ass.
  6. One of my best friends and former middle school GNR junkie lives in Baltimore now. He's never bothered to see Axl in any of his forms since his re-emergence in 2001. His 10 year old kid really digs GNR (or maybe dug...it might have just been a phase and he's over it already) so I told him he HAD to go and take his kid, just to see Axl and Slash once in his life, even fat/shit. Unfortunately, he said he couldn't go...don't know if it was ticket prices or timing or what. I hope it wasn't ticket prices considering he could have got in for less than thirty bucks. He missed the live debut of Hard Stool. I wish he would have gone. Everyone takes this "never ending tour" for granted. There's no guarantee it'll continue. Every chance to see this band could be the last, and most of us are OK with that cause we've seen them at least once in our lives. But I honestly urge anyone who's ever been a fan and not seen them in person to go if the chance ever comes up, cause you never know.
  7. In Axl's mind it's still the 80s. He still fucks hot young bitches. Paparazzi still wait for him at the airport. And retards still flock around waiting for his autograph while he gets into his waiting luxury SUV to get the fuck away from them. Only Axl didn't notice two crucial things: the people waiting for him aren't "everyone" like it was in the 80s; it's this small group of socially retarded weirdos that are still obsessed with him. If he stopped long enough to really look at them he'd see that it's not "cool" people that are into him. And number two: despite still fucking some bitches, he is no longer an attractive young man that super models would tolerate being around while he smokes cigarettes out of a faggy plastic holder. He's a fat, saggy, weird looking old man. But Team Brazil probably keeps him so doped up that when he sees himself in the mirror, he sees young Axl from the "Don't Cry" video giving him the peace sign before disappearing into the mirror.
  8. Someone was "lucky" enough to witness Hard Skool live, and I think a few others went to a show or two. I feel like someone went to Boston. Obviously that's a big negarino for me, since I'm still in Asia.
  9. Well, Nirvana Unplugged is considered their finest work by many fans and was an instant classic the minute it aired. I think GNR needed a few years off, but an Unplugged appearance would have been really good for them in the late 90s. Absolutely agree they should have done smaller venues. They should have done smaller venues in the CD days. NOTHING MAKES PEOPLE WANT SOMETHING MORE THAN BEING TOLD THEY CAN'T HAVE IT. If the CD tour of 2002 was booked at 2000 seater clubs instead of big giant empty arenas, they'd have sold out in minutes and been the hottest ticket of the year and everyone would be shitting their pants to see Nu GNR. The House of Blues 2001 show but on tour. Get people excited and talking about the band, and THEN do bigger venues. Goddamn Axl is stupid. If I had been in charge of this band 20 years ago he'd be a billionaire right now, not just a multi-millionaire.
  10. That's crazy that Slash would be "allowed" to not have Axl in his IEM. The way Axl screws up all the time you'd think he'd NEED it just to be able to try to get the songs back on track. And what about Axl's special button that he uses that only the band members can hear? Surely there's no way he'd let Slash not hear that.
  11. God, if anyone's that retarded to actually fall for that shit after the internet's been around for 25 years, I'm gonna try it on them, too. Cause that person's gotta be like IQ 60 or something fucking retardddded.
  12. I know the brand Stussy but that's not their logo. Eh. I'm sure I've seen that S before but never really paid attention. I was more likely to see swastikas drawn on walls.
  13. Well shit, I guess we just weren't "cool" in Ohio in the 80s cause we never drew that on our notebooks.
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