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  1. Brasky....I'm ready to go any time. You were great but old Dick Dunsford is where charisma goes to die. What a fucking snore. Let me unleash some faaaaat. Also, did anyone who listened actually take notes and write down the good shit Brasky was sharing while Dumbsford just went "uhhhhh"?
  2. God Brasky this guy fucking SUCKS. He's barely audible for one thing, and his big contribution seems to be awkward silence and then saying...."awwww." What the fuck man. I'd rather just hear Brasky solo than waste time with this numbnuts.
  3. Miser was being EXTREMELY generous to his ex. She's a solid 4 on her BEST day.
  4. And that never changes. You don't hang out with women as "friends".....if you want to shoot the shit or enjoy the company of someone you have commonality with, that's what other dudes are for. Women are for dickin'.
  5. Say goodbye to all these videos, btw. By posting them here, you've just ensured their imminent takedown.
  6. I honestly thought that Slither video was Axl at first. Dustin sounds way better than Axl though. He needed to be shitter and fatter on Slither.
  7. Auad to the rescue with eyebleach, as always. Good man!
  8. Atlas was the only good thing out of the lockers. Period. It's the closest song in the entire batch that has anything close to a pop sensibility and I could have seen it doing well on the radio back in 1999 or 2001. It at least has a solid structure, unlike just about any of the other Chinese songs. Even Better, which people thought had crossover potential, has that bizarre breakdown where the song essentially stops and then makes weird noises. Atlas 100% should have been on the album and should have been a single, along with The Blues.
  9. Joe Biden's America doesn't deserve One In a Million. It'd be like giving a $1000 bottle of scotch to the crackhead shitting on the sidewalk.
  10. Who doesn't understand 1989? It made perfect sense. "Batman" was fucking awesome. "Patience" was on the radio every five minutes. People didn't shit themselves in public screaming because they didn't like the president. It's current year that doesn't make any fucking sense.
  11. Technically, any uncensored porn is illegal in Japan. I sure hope they never seize my laptop. Anyone with an internet connection can see Western porn here. Unlike China or Korea, the internet doesn't block porn streaming sites. I have seen what you're talking about though...they'll import Western porn and censor it with the gay ass mosaic. I don't know how popular it is, but I guess some guys need some novelty after watching all kinds of shit and puke porn. These fuckers get weird, I'm telling ya.
  12. Absolutely not. I got an email from my landlord about a year ago saying my neighbors complained I was playing music too loud at night. I don't wanna be a dick. Thing is, I think he was probably being diplomatic and the complaint was really about me watching porn late at night. I try to keep that shit quiet anyway....I don't get turned on by the shrieking Japanese women do in porn. But if I did play One in a Million during the day time, let's say, nobody would give a shit cause nobody around me would understand the words "niggers and faggots." I do
  13. I honestly don't know what the hell to believe. Dude was fucked up as shit. Like seriously beyond mental patient fucked up. That's obvious. As for the fucking kids stuff....it's so hard to tell. I watched that HBO show and I almost gagged when those guys were describing MJ licking their assholes when they were little kids. It was fuuuuucked up. I guess they could just be lying about that shit but man, it was pretty convincing. I also watched the Woody Allen one, and that one didn't convince me at all. Nobody knows except the people who were
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