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  1. Miser shitting up the place again.  Doc must have given him his meds.

  2. "WormQueen." Oh for fucks sake. More Miser drama?
  3. The live set at CBGB's from 1987 is an unplugged set. Debut of Patience, Used to Love her, and One in a Million.
  4. This. For STP I much preferred their VH1 Storytellers set.
  5. I'd but that vinyl cause it's clear, and I'm a sucker for clear vinyl. Shit, I've even bend over and take the ass raping for 18.99 or however much they wanted for it. But a $45 Nightrain membership. Fuck right the fuck off back to Brazil.
  6. Smoking hot? Yeah. But she has to be fucking SMOKING hot. And later, when her guard is down, I'll piss on her in retaliation when she's not looking.
  7. Like this repulsive bitch? Video is age restricted... This shitty "artist" is the ska Rage Against the Machine cover band that was used for the credits in the new Matrix movie. She pisses all over a guy's face. I remember when Courtney Love used to flash her tits for attention during a show, but this shit is next level attention whore.
  8. Very cool! I only bother with soundboard shows and I think I have all the major ones, but I'm always waiting for new stuff to surface.
  9. Well, I'd never say no to another recording of the show, especially if it sounds better. I have the "Tokyo Monarchy" 3 CD set from X-Avel. Don't know if it gets better than that or not.
  10. What exactly is a Fex-remaster? I also have a version of this show that's a mix of audience recording with the IEM....is that it?
  11. LOL....he really did get away with it for decades though. I can see him probably finally being aware enough that if he gets caught uttering the dreaded N-WORD nowadays he's gonna get canceled.
  12. We know that at one point in his life, Axl was really into Elton John music. But Axl also has always made a point throughout his career of telling everyone how he's always listening to NEW and HIP music, so who knows what he's into these days. During the UYI tour, he always used his piano intro to play a cover of some faggy AM radio ballad or another. Wonder if he's still into that. I'd love to be chilling at one of Axl's infamous late night parties when he's in a good mood and maybe he's sitting at the piano. I wonder what he'd play, just for fun. Most likely not his own songs.
  13. Damn Auad.....that bitch got some big old titties.....you gotta motorboat this one!
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