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  1. Ahhhh fuck me in the goat ass, I did it again. Look at this shirt. I just couldn't resist. I just couldn't. Look at Slash's smile. Look how Axl is concentrating all intensely like Shroeder. Look at Duff with his stand up bass. Axl even has his tattoos. How can you look at this shirt and not immediately hear a GNR version of "Linus and Lucy" in your head? Nate....how can you resist??? (Oh and before you guys get pissed that I'm throwing away money at Team Brazil when I should be saving for a whore, don't worry...last year I gave my stimulus money to my brother so every now and then he buys me shit as a way to thank me, and this was one of them!)
  2. If I had administrative powers, I'd change the title of this thread to "Fags faggin' out and the fags that love them!"
  3. I thought Monty Python just did it cause it's funny and they're comedians. The Kids in the Hall also cross dressed in lots of their skits, cause they were five dudes and someone had to play the women parts. These guys just seem like ultimate fagmoes. It's so weird. It's like they got really tired of pussy in the first few years, then underage pussy got boring, so they just started fucking men and each other cause it was something new.
  4. Bruh. This outfit is so flamingly gay it makes Axl's biker shorts and feather boa look downright intimidating. Are you just sitting in your room snorting Xannies?
  5. Other than album covers or pictures I took myself at a concert, I don't have ANY pictures of the bands or musicians I like. Why the fuck would I keep a collection of pictures of musicians? I just like their songs, I don't wanna look at them. Miser.....why the hell do you have these? Looking at pics of bands is for pre-teen girls reading Tiger Beat magazine.
  6. I never thought the Stones looked cool cause I'm not 68 years old. I thought GNR looked cool in the 80s, but that was the fucking 80s. They all look like a collection of retarded try-hards now, at any era in their history. That's why Nirvana stood out. Despite probably taking as long as Axl to carefully pick out his outfit and do his hair, Kurt looked like he just showed up on stage wearing whatever he woke up in that morning. At the time, looking like you actually didn't give a fuck (but really he gave a fuck) was cool. I don't know. In retrospect, they all look like a pack of faggots. All of them, all the way back to Little Richard, who was a raging homosexual, up to the Strokes, every musician's look was carefully curated. I guess dressing like a homo is just part of being a successful. After all, isn't this troop of queers the biggest band in the world right now? At least they've all had plastic surgery to look like attractive lesbians. The fucking Who and the Stones have always been uglier than a dog's ballbag.
  7. Yes, if you know me at all I tend to ramble and get into things in intricate minute details. I intend for the listener/reader to feel like they were really there, having this experience, whatever it's going to turn out to be. I can't guarantee that my head won't explode right off my shoulder like the guy in Scanners just cause after 5 years this might be too much pleasure for me to handle. I'm very very very nervous too....I want everyone to feel they got their money's worth making this sad sack slob happy for the first time in years. Don't wanna let you guys down. I love you all....this is the greatest thing anyone has every done for me.
  8. I'm not backing out....I just want all the conditions to be perfect so that everyone's hard earned cash doesn't get wasted. It's like a shuttle launch. Everything has to be just right.
  9. I've had the really awful shits all week. I literally sharted in my underwear this week at work. Thankfully it wasn't huge (or solid) but that's still something you never, ever want to happen to you at work. Or...anywhere, really.
  10. Gentlemen. I have a major concern about the project. I've been reading some of the literature from these establishments, and it would seem they have very strict rules about appearance and hygiene, which is perfectly reasonable. Now I'm not a filthy motherfucker that doesn't shower, but I have been having psoriasis outbreaks lately due to my anxiety and depression. (Mostly caused by not getting laid. See the vicious circle here?) Now apparently psoriasis is not in any way contagious, but I can understand them refusing to service some fat fucker who walks in the door and then has red blotchy skin. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone doing this for me. You guys don't just wanna get me laid...you guys wanna get me laid with a HOT ASS, young, tight, Japanese chick. (Or two.) That's amazing. My own family would never even do that for me. But I'd hate for all your money and generosity to go to waste if I get turned away at the door for being a gross disgusting motherfucker. Perhaps we should put the project on hold until I see my dermatologist again and get this taken care of?
  11. That's the reason why Full Metal Jacket will never be one of the "great" Vietnam movies in my mind. That simply looks NOTHING like Vietnam. It's so clearly filmed on a giant soundstage cause Kubrick refused to fly. Full Metal Jacket's first half, however, is one of the all time greatest MILITARY movies of all time. But man...the second half just can't compare to the first half. Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Forrest Gump's Vietnam section are better.
  12. Yeah. Completely forgettable. Even worse than Chinese Democracy....at least everyone likes a few songs off CD. Fear Inoculum is just 80 minutes of wanking off. Not a single memorable moment. What was it...13, 14 year wait for that album? I like about half of Lateralus and half of 10,000 Days. But the long droning wanking numbers do nothing for me.
  13. TOOL became boring crap, and I admit that. Salival, Lateralus, 10000 Days and Fear Inoculum are all comprised of mostly just one indistinguishable continuous loop of the same guitar sounds and drums repeated over and over and over infinitely. That includes their cover of "No Quarter" which bears so little resemblance to the original it just sounds like mush. Aenima, however, remains an absolute masterpiece that can be listened to straight through and never gets boring.
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