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  1. I'm asking this because our current situation brings us to a reality, which has come before and now again. It's the leaks what moves Axl. When they began rehearsing Hard School, or it started appearing in the setlist, I asked, "Do you think it has something to do with the leaks?" General answer here was "Of course, what the hell, they're just throwing shit around dumbass commie Manets." This was correct. Is it still? Because if so, the direction of this band seems to be under control of, mostly, fan's misdemeanors. There's this new rumor of the Gn'Fn'R EP. Remember there was a selftitled album rumour some years ago too? If the story of this EP is true it means most of The Village Sessions leak is staying behind. And what came after Lies? Double album. Just throwing shit around here too, like the band. It's interesting nonetheless the sequence of events.
  2. YouTube comments tell us the band is doing what the majority of the fans want. That's it. They let Axl do his thing. He had fun. He drove his Ferrari around in the Better music video. He pulled off being three hours late to a Rock in Rio headline he practically single-handely arranged it himself with no help but our hype. He greeted kangoroos. He cancelled two tours and cancelled the cancellation of a third one. He had his rings and collars robbed. He fucked Lana Del Rey. He punched a photographer. He got in the wrong car. He was in a pool with Beta. He loged into MyGNR Forum to banish a moderator foverer and later gave the people an interview. And most importantly, he ate Taco Bell. Now back to business, apparently.
  3. That dumb S on the locker on cover kids do is residual cabalistic knowledge intrinsic to a kid's mind, that's an S for Sephirot. And until last midnight it was technically still Equinox. Another 23. Axl's apparently still into that shit.
  4. Goddamit I like it. VEVO mix sounds the best to me
  5. First words from non-GNR fans: Friend: "Woah, insane. Playing it as loudest as possible once I get home." Mother: "It sounds like Guns N' Roses. There's Axl, and I know this is Slash." Girlfriend: "It's rock n' roll. I like it."
  6. There are some ways to say you're deaf. This is one.
  7. I think whatever or whoever was that guitar noise from the previous version sounded much better than what Slash did. He is barely in tone ffs.
  8. Holy shit, it's AWFUL. All the energy is gone. Whoever is playing drums should never get anywhere near the instrument again and I'm starting to think the theories that Slash has been sucking on purpose might be true, because I think this is the worst he has sounded... ever.
  9. The album Beautiful Creatures has some very good hard rock. I met Ashba once and he was very nice. That said, I think his style is lame, embarrasing even.
  10. I'm glad to know that even though the nazi president we still have a positive image abroad.
  11. Isn't Matrix Ressurections coming out sometime this year or the next?
  12. What's up. The only thing I'm hoarding at the moment are crazy texts on how Axl is actually and have always been, that is clear now, on a war against time. He might be a time sourcerer. If all goes well I will write this soon.
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