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  1. Fuck it I’ll do it if you can fit me in. Seems fun enough to kill some down time hours with 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. I was at the bills game Sunday, and they briefly played the intro between one of the plays in the first half. That’s it though. Haven’t run across it on radio once.
  3. Children dancing in the halls any day now
  4. So the good is that even though the songs stem from the Chinese days, they don’t sonically sound indicative of Chinese Democracy. The instrumentation sounds completely fresh as far as I can tell, which is better than I feared had they gone the direction of just layering Slash and Duff into an already over layered cesspool. The only old recording it seems they used for either song was Axl, (sans maybe the bridge of absurd) and given current Axl, not necessarily a bad thing. So I’m glad it wasn’t a straight cut and paste job altogether. If I’m wrong, please correct me, but I’m fairly certain that’s accurate. Both songs also sound revamped enough to give them their own identity relatively separate from both the demos and nu guns, for better or worse. The bad is neither song is very good. This one in particular sounds like something current Green Day or something like that would put out. Like that Pollyanna song they put out early in the summer. And lol the fag bell. Frank played the drums on this, and it shows. What a cock. It’s still shit, but at least not as shit as it could’ve been.
  5. Lol the school bell in the beginning signaling faggotry of the highest order on the horizon ?
  6. Hilarious, but still fucking mind boggling.
  7. Oh for sure. By “they” I meant Axl and Team Brazil backing whatever Axl wants in any given moment. still baffling though that Axl, for as batshit as he is, went with this instead of anything else from the vault we know for sure he has to work with…
  8. You know, one thing I will give the song is that it’s not as sonically of a nightmare as it could’ve been. Ya know, aside from the fact that they chose the absolute worst song of the pile of ones we KNOW they have to work with as the first fucking single of whatever the fuck is happening. But it doesn’t seem to be as infinitely layered as the demos (from what I remember, it’s been years) or the tripe from Chinese Democracy. I could be wrong on this but it does sound like the music is mostly freshly recorded, except for the bridge, and simply like there’s two guitars on each channel, with leads in the middle. Sounds like Duff on bass. No idea if these are new drums from Brain or not (supposedly he’s still a session player) but it blends mostly well regardless. Yes, we know the vocals from Axl are from ‘99, and yes it’s still somewhat of a shoddy cut and paste job, but at least it’s not as much of a cesspool of layers that it easily could’ve been. If the song itself wasn’t so fucking atrocious it could’ve at least been mistaken for a saving grace ? ??‍♂️
  9. I can’t believe they even allow Axl to have his house keeper and inept Brazilian refugee children running one of the biggest entities in rock music ever. I’m obviously not an expert within the industry, but couldn’t UMG somehow put the kibosh on it by being like “lol no. Get professionals to deal with us or fuck off”? It was one thing when it was fat Axl and a bunch of who gives a fucks. But with their wet dream coming true of having Slash back in the band, you’d think they’d take the reigns back from a family that barely understands the western world at all. I think all of us here are so desensitized to it that we forget how actually fucked up the situation truly is.
  10. I mean even for them this was such a shit decision. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, if anything at all. But cock sucking Silkworms ????? Even with Team Brazil at the helm, they couldn’t push for literally ANYTHING else from the vault than this? We know for a fact there’s more in there with actual potential once spruced up accordingly. Even for them...this is mind boggling...this is what you wanna attempt to reignite interest wi...what...wh...why? It was everything I hoped the new album wouldn’t be, but ultimately knew in my gut it would. I just thought they’d leave that botched abortion in the cesspool like Axl had the bare minimum brain cells to do 13 years ago ??‍♂️. But aside from that, everything else went as expected. Axl’s vocals from two decades ago peppered with after thoughts from Duff and Slash trying desperately to polish the turd. Are the instrumentals entirely fresh at least? It’s hard to tell if Finck, Bucket, whoever else the fuck are still there on rhythm somewhere. Is...is Duff even on it...? ? I only listened once and just have no incentive to ever do it again. Not even to check what’s what for shits and giggles. One could ideally hope this can just be a one off shit single that won’t be apart of the album, if there ever really is one. But that’d be just too smart for these retards. ?
  11. I think it’s about more than just the traffic during shows and such. I think he’s enraged that our little mad house has finally taken over his as the biggest forum for the world’s shittiest band. I remember visiting the site about a month ago for the lols. Of course I didn’t log in, because lol, pointless. But I saw they had a lot less activity than we had. Like substantially less. Their anything goes section even had tumble weeds aflowing around. No one was posting anywhere at that cuck palace because there’s basically no one left. I kept an eye on it to see if it was a fluke for a few days. It wasn’t. Like at all. And I think this is him coming to terms with it. As in breaking and deflecting any which way because he’s too narcissistic to admit he fucked up and burned a great thing to ashes. Fag.
  12. So their first new song, after unexpectedly having a year to regroup and reconsider mind you, is a 20 year old turd they didn’t even find worthy putting on their turd orgy album 13 years ago? No one knows how to up the ante of shit like this band. Truly unbeatable ???
  13. You over the Rona buddy? 

    1. Bobbo


      Hey man, me and my girlfriend both tested negative. Was just a bad bug. All good now!

  14. All the best bro. Was great chatting with you the few times we did. Hope you’re in a good place. RIP.

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