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  1. From AFD, I was always very fond of Mr Brownstone and Rocket Queen. I'd say that Locomotive has the best drums on the UYI albums.
  2. I should know better, shouldn't I? :lol:

  3. Only the finest technology for the ass of Dexter and Dijon.
  4. They have! They killed a grizzly last week. Only using their teeth. Impressive shit, yo!

  5. Would you say that I'm abnormal?

  6. Haha, no, I haven't seen that one before. You'll have to show me in full-size sometime. ;) I'm going to bed now either way. Good night!

  7. It's not the Paddington one. It's you in a white hoodie.

  8. Funny, huh. Because nowhere in the rules does it say that you're not allowed to discuss banned members. Actually, it says this in the rules: Also, isn't it rather strange that TM was suspended two weeks for saying "faggot" on the forum? I come across that word on this forum every single day. I don't think I've heard about anyone else than TM and BBA that has been punished for using that word. Yet, I am quite sure that I've seen members of the mod-team use the word as well.
  9. " " Then that begs the question why in your status updates you've been requesting that we "let him back" or "bring him back"? TM has been suspended, banned, and following that requested his account to be deleted. I welcome anyone to do the research. He had been suspended for a period of time, and before that period of time was over he created another account, pretending to be a girl. When this account was banned, he requested that his other accounts were deleted. Banned, suspended, deleted account and used his chances, call it what you want. """" So JB is lying?
  10. I just came across this. http://www.chinesedemocracy.com/forum/index.php/topic,49034.0.html I'm glad you survived, Thomas. Stay safe!
  11. Arnold! Arnold would be a great Reckless Life moderator, by the way.
  12. My candidates are BBA, Thomas Meadow and Arnold Layne.
  13. Nice that he in some way communicates, but Christ, the man is delusional. "Overwhelming positive response."
  14. That's nice of him. I was talking to some other members of the forum off the forum the other day about him and we all agreed that he has changed his attitude and matured a lot.
  15. That sucks, you're a good poster. Good luck in the future!
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