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  1. From AFD, I was always very fond of Mr Brownstone and Rocket Queen. I'd say that Locomotive has the best drums on the UYI albums.
  2. I should know better, shouldn't I? :lol:

  3. You shouldn't argue with retards ;)

  4. Presume their kids are in training now? I hear they begin by killing dogs and other smaller animals?

  5. Only the finest technology for the ass of Dexter and Dijon.
  6. They have! They killed a grizzly last week. Only using their teeth. Impressive shit, yo!

  7. Have you sisters killed any bears with their teeth lately?

  8. I was trying to imply Vikings were not normal. More like super human?

  9. Would you say that I'm abnormal?

  10. Vikings are anything but normal. Wouldn't you agree?

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