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  1. Axl's voice since RIR has been inconsistent no-doubt... the video you posted in fairness is one of his worse performances ever if not the WORSE. 2010 Axl sounded fantastic, since then IMO his voice has some very up and down moments. all in all he's still a good performer and most singers voices lose some power as they age. I hope Axl can get the rasp back for good
  2. That guy with the back tat was at the show in Holland... there is a pic with him and some of the band members during the meet and greet
  3. ARX77

    The 2010 Thread

    I couldnt agree more... Those Canadian shows were unbelievable... toronto show was the best performance Ive seen... The stage production was 2nd-to-none... sound was clear and Axl was never buried in the mix, which makes you wonder why that happens so much now. Can you imagine if they would have done live streams for Toronto? Would have been great press
  4. Honestly i think things would have been very similar to the way it happened. Songs may have been a bit different with Slash playing but the touring would have all went down the same, only difference is crowds would have been bigger in smaller markets. IMO Slash has proven what he likes to do and he does it now. Slash likes to sit down write and record an album, release it, tour it, do press for it and move on. Axl for whatever reason isnt capable of doing that. And like Axl said in an interview no matter who was in Guns, nothing would have been released sooner than Chin Dem. I listened to BBF interview from Ireland today and you could tell the endless touring is getting tiresome to him. I have to laugh when he said Tommy, Frank and i have talked about getting together after this round of touring and writing some songs. What about your singer? Will he be around to help write songs? He also mentioned practically everyone in the band as being great writers but forgot to mention Axl. Im not bagging on Axl because I love the guy's music and think he's a great performer but he's is and will always be the reason Guns doesn't release new music. this has been a problem since the beginning.
  5. I will say this from the press release to this tweet this promoter has indicated some surprises for this gig. When you ad in some of GNR's tweets "who's ready for something they havent see" type stuff I can see where people are expecting unreleased songs of some sort.
  6. Contraband came out in 2004 and Libertand came out in 2007... 4 years does not make that much of a difference and certainly 1 year made no difference. I get what you're saying and you;re correct to an extent but Chin Dem failed because no one promoted it plain and simple and why in the hell they chose Chin Dem as the first single instead of Better is beyond me My mistake. I thought Libertad was in '04 and Contraband was in '02 for some reason. One year makes no difference. I still think four makes a difference. '08 is very different than '12 right now. Take Carrie Underwood's new album. This week, it's sold 120,000 copies and is currently at the top of the charts. CD outsold it, doubling its sales, but ended up at number 3 in its first week. You know what I mean? The sales of CDs just have drastically declined. Plus, like I said, rock wasn't all that popular in '08, and there was some weird classic rock revival in '04. Then again, I haven't consulted the '04 and '08 charts, so it's more of an educated guess seeing as '08 and '12 are so different. Could have to do with the recession, admittedly. I agree with the rest. I'm still baffled by releasing ChiDem over Better. And Axl should've promoted his shit. It doesn't matter how big your name is; if nobody knows about your album, it's not gonna sell. Regarding sweetness's point, you can compare the albums by which one you prefer, I definitely agree with that, but I mean success-wise, they're not too comparable. I agree with you... Each year sales get worse and expectations become less and less. I think another thing that made Chin dem look bad was how well Black Ice sold its first week, I think 900K give or take so compared to Chin Dem 200K give or take that is a big difference. Of course the media will focus on the negative when it comes to GnR because thats the easy thing to do. I spoke to a medai guy when I was at the Toronto show in 2010 we were in the club area sitting on the couch and just started BSing. He had seen GnR preform many times since the early days and he was very positive about the current shows but admitted that most media members look for the negative w/ Axl
  7. Contraband came out in 2004 and Libertand came out in 2007... 4 years does not make that much of a difference and certainly 1 year made no difference. I get what you're saying and you;re correct to an extent but Chin Dem failed because no one promoted it plain and simple and why in the hell they chose Chin Dem as the first single instead of Better is beyond me
  8. Yes its fair because Axl will always generate more press simply by using the GnR name. VR is a completely new band that put out 2 platinum albums and toured the world successfully. Chin may technically be a solo project but he still released under the name GnR so that name in its self puts in on a level playing ground with VR having 3 ex GnR members.
  9. I can see where some are coming from with the disappointment of what songs are being played. But in the end this is GnR and AFD and UYI will ALWAYS be what the masses at a show want to hear. Im sure a lot of the new fans would feel ok with things if Axl embraced the past a little better. Its like he hates what the past represents yet goes out under a name built on past accomplishments and sings "classic" songs. With that being said, I see nothing wrong with Axl continuing to tour and playing the songs he's playing, there is a good mix of old vs. new songs. Bit again "you're crazy" if you think they should cut classic songs from the setlist. I say this all the time, I dont know why they dont mix up what "new" songs they play more but it probably comes down to crowd reaction and what Axl is up for singing.
  10. its not horrible and the shows that are happening are what fans attending expect released new music but change out new songs with newer songs, core classic setlist will ALWAYS be the same and should be
  11. very good read... sounds like Duff wasnt happy with the way things went down and who could blame him? I dont thing he is necessarily writing this as a shot at Axl, I think he is writing with the regret of "if I only knew then what I know now" tone. He felt a sincere obligation to play and accept ths award for the fans. Other members didnt and to me thats OK, I wish they felt differently but such is life. I dont think Axl will take any of this personally and Im sure he and Duff have communicated to an extent.
  12. I'll wire you $1000 over the internet if you can tell me what women remotely see in that guy. "This will really piss off my daddy" exactly
  13. you know i have to agree RHCP did a damn good job with their speeches and performance. Hmm thats weird maybe I just missed sorum speak
  14. I did, they obviously cut parts out for HBO, sorum's speech wasn't shown and some of Green day's induction was cut, and they cut MB. All in all pretty good showing
  15. I realize that, but why? If anything it would help the new lineup. I don't think anyone goes to a GNR show these day's expecting to see the original or UYI lineup. They go because they want to see Axl. If anything releasing a show like this on Blu Ray, would just raise interest in what Axl and the new band are doing nowadays. Even the Tokyo show should be re-released on Blu Ray. DVD's are shit. Any interest the general public has in the new band, is generated from the success of the old band. Axl must realize this, right? Promoting the old band = good things for the new band. I dont think Axl does realize what your saying. I think he hates the past and wishes everyone would forget about it. Hence not showing up for the HOF. The positive press would have BEEN HUGE for Axl and his new band. Buuut Axl obviously doesnt share our view... To answer your question he will not allow a release like that because he feels it will take away from the new band and only further keep Slash's association with GnR
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