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  3. This "band" is done, nothing good will ever come from these guys. Their creativity is dead (especially Axl's). All they can do is put out a couple of re-recorded old songs that nobody cares about. But their business is still doing well thanks to the sheeps who buy tickets for their shit shows.
  4. If they’re giving us Nu GNR songs recording by real GNR, they should give us AFD recorded by NU GNR. that clip of SCOM sounds sick as fuck. Sucks we’ll never hear the rest
  5. No more than Use Your Illusion I competed with Use Your Illusion II. Remember a few months ago when Slash said he and "the boys" would start recording a new album? Some G'n'R fans thought he was talking about that band. And now he's releasing a new album. They've even recorded a video for the new single. And Slash just said in an interview that G'n'R hasn't written a single song in this reunion. This has been going on for five and half years. "Five years is forever" indeed. Slash is releasing his fifth album since CD came out, not counting live albums, appearances on other people's music or a movie soundtrack. They both are going through the same period of time but only one of them has anything to show for it. Axl's had 13 years to prepare his "next album," Slash has only had three. How does Jarmo even get to this point? People who wanted to hear new Axl Rose music but died ten years ago haven't missed anything and he defends that because he thinks it's so much more worthwhile to yet again hear "It's so easy, so fuckin easy, it's so easy, so damn easy, it's so easy, so fuckin easy, it's so easy, yeah it's so easy..."
  6. Seeing the fatman kicking anyones ass will be a sight. Even if its at an airport.
  7. Slash is trying to have his gravy and eat the Fat Man’s cake too.
  8. Jarmo using the Constipators album as a convenient excuse for why the Guns album won't be released. Wouldn't want that cannibalizing GnR sales. But if the Constipators didn't exist there'd be another excuse. If Jarmo's openly blaming Slash for the delay, he obviously has TB's blessing. Maybe the FatUnion is coming to an end.
  9. CD only came out because Azoff negotiated the Best Buy deal which recouped all the costs. UMG actually made a nice profit on that album due to Best Buy plus solid international sales. Pretty sure they did have rip it from his hands in the end, hence the botched artwork. Of course, Axl was pissed about the art and that they didn't promote it in the US despite having zero incentive to do so. He showed them by refusing to promote it all himself. Not sure what he gained from that, but going out of his way to burn every bridge with the label gave him a built in excuse to not release anything else. Just blame it all on UMG
  10. Haha "project". Someone tell Jarmo, its a solo band and has been since 2010.
  11. I don't have a clue.... and I never got a Dr Pepper either.
  12. I personally think those songs will never see the light of day. The fatman would prefer to keep releasing Eps with any song that's considered a b side, rather than any big gun songs.
  13. If they had released a Soul Monster/The General EP instead of Absurd/Hard Skool I could finally stop paying attention to this piece of shit band. Instead those of us waiting for the rest of the CD songs are condemned to continue wandering this desert for who the fuck knows how long.
  14. I totally got the same vibe from his posts today about Slash’s “project” as he’s calling it. He regarded Ron with that exact kind of cagey wording back when he started to go rogue.
  15. A couple months after the 2010 tour ended BBF gave an interview saying basically the same thing Slash just did, "all of the songs we have were written years ago for CD" and Jarmo deleted every post mentioning the interview on HTGTH. The saga never ends.
  16. Do we think axl initiated the release of CD back in 08 or Geffen head honchos who were sick of having this album on their books since 99 and just wanted to release it to recup $$?.
  17. Of course. Thank you for being reasonable. 🙏🏻 😂
  18. The original Chinese Democracy would have came out in 1996 if it wasn't for It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. Axl didn't want to compete with the second Snakepit album so it came out in 2008 when everyone had finally forgotten about Ain't Life Grand..
  19. Lol. He’s obviously fried, but I think TB are freaking the fuck out over what Slash said. No way Jarmo would be brave enough to talk shit unless his boy Fernando made it feel “safe.”
  20. You can rest assured that this story was Fat Checked before I pushed submit.
  21. if anyone's curious, the poster formerly known as wfuckinga is currently throwing a fit on discord, mad that slash spilled the beans about there being jack shit, preparing to report every single one of his instagram posts for nudity
  22. 13 years since Chinese Democracy and the stars were FINALLY aligning in a post-pandemic world for a new GNR record featuring Slash, only to be single-handedly sabotaged by…Slash. 😳…Yep. This checks out. 👌🏻
  23. He is wearing Cher's wig from the If I Could Turn Back Time music video.
  24. S &D are really cucking the fatman. Cucking the fatman with their every move.
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