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  2. I remember you could get these silver balls at the candy shop that tasted like Pepsi Clear. Now we have Zevia. They have a whole line of clear pop with no calories. Their cola tastes similar to regular Pepsi. Me, I was always a coke guy growing up but, Pepsi Clear was something altogether different. Unfortunately it became another casualty of the cola wars: New Coke beget New GNR. It should have been promoted as its own thing rather than a new version of an old thing.
  3. The last good Cult album was 94 self-titled.
  4. I don't give a dusty fuck how everyone regards me, you boring cunt. If you're going to drop my name all the time, I'll respond. Very simple. Every time I read your posts, I'm glad I'm not any of you. Jesus Christ, what sad lives some of you lead I'll take the rest up to your wife tonight. SHEEP FUCKER
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  6. I think you have found the man that will bring us out of the darkness and save Guns N' Roses once and for all. I hope he owns some kind of attention getting hat to wear onstage. Chinise Democray II Starts Now!
  7. I listened to sonic Temple recently, it sounded very dated I was disappointed.
  8. Is there any wonder why literally everyone on this site regards you as an angry angry man who's king of the Axl Nutswingers fan club? Haha Goat Fucker Baaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. I used to work at Pepsi. In almost got fired because I took a picture and posted it on social media of the skids on top of skids of Pepsi clear that was about to be released. They had no proof it as me, it was a burner account.. They were furious. A memo was sent out within the next few days remind f us about our social media policy
  10. Guitarist Johnatha Bastos (from Brazil, surprise surprise) has no arms, but has overcome that disability by teaching himself to play guitar with his feet. Here he is playing Sweet Child O' Mine, solo and all. And he didn't even need Bumbleturd on standby for the "hard part". Full article: Video: Guitarist Shreds Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine" With His Feet | MetalSucks Extras & Evidence:
  11. If you really want to get through to people about what the evils of Courtney Luv, and the murder of her money bag Kurt Codein. You need to quit your whining (sound like a bitch), and instead thank the heavens that this very popular web address is currently for sale. I guarantee that the answer to all your problems would be solved if you set up shop at this web address.
  12. That wasn’t even bad though. Keep up the good work - personally I would love to see you tackling Chinese Democracy songs or the fat leaks.
  13. Good day. Does anyone know the typical turnaround time for account approval "elsewhere"? It looks as if their most recent member is from 2 weeks ago. I may or may not have registered an account there several days ago.
  14. P.S. I don't fuck goats, gents. You better get it out of your stupid heads. I fuck hot bitches unlike you lot Now, back to your regularly scheduled program of patting each other on the head and whining what a sad bunch of losers you are, please!!!!
  15. Fatsky @Bill Brasky, you really had to invent my "question", didn't you, you sad tub of lard ? Also Gnrliars is dull, Miser is a pathetic loser and Josh is a grumpy, old geezer.
  16. The original Axl Rose was taken out of circulation in the late 90s. He was replaced by an illuminati clone. At the VMA appearence the clone was still very new, and thats why the facial skin has a tight, shiny, kinda plastic look to it.
  17. I have been telling JB for a few years now that we need Participation Trophies for everyone here at the GNFNR Forum. Stuck around kid, change will come eventually.
  18. To be more fair, and woke n shit. I have made your statement more inclusive so that all songs are represented.
  19. I've never understood why he struggled so much on the verses to TWAT. It's one of the easiest parts to sing of any of the Chinese songs, at least whenever I've tried singing along to it. I'm no pro singer, but I can literally sing those verses with hardly any effort and pull it off (give me the end of Catcher In The Rye though and watch me die).
  20. Who killed Kurt has been discussed ad nauseam. Who killed Pepsi Clear? Now that's a podcast I would listen to. Make my last meal a McDonald's pizza and a Pepsi Clear.
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