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  2. Drunk off my tits making burgers and baked beans. 

  3. That was five years ago? Fuck me.
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  6. He's right about one thing, he ain't no Bon Scott. Better than Brian Johnson though.
  7. Must admit, I thought this was a bad joke when it was announced and Rose pulled it off spectacularly: last time he gave a shit.
  8. The last time he really made us say 'damn, he's still got it'. It's been a steep decline since those AC/DC shows, but he stepped up to the challenge and fuckin' killed it. The guy was really on top of the 'rock world' again for a moment, with the hype around the AC/DC shows and GNR reunion, and he brought an intensity we hadn't seen since 2010.
  9. The main problem with the CD era stuff is the lyrics are often a certain way. And I'm not sure that really fits the vibe of the success of the NITL era. Now it seems like it's So Easy is the theme tune.
  10. Atlas like Catcher sounds like Axl didn't care until 1/2 way through the song. Also it's lyrics are horrid. The "from what you've known, what you've shown" sections sound like someone bullshitting on the spot.
  11. It means making a quick and aggressive drive towards the basket for a dunk or lay-up shot so that you catch the opposing team unaware on defense. You could also draw a foul if your shot is unsuccessful because of the aforementioned unawareness.
  12. An analogy for putting your tongue in a guys ass. Sometimes called a "rimjob" or "rimming". I dont think thats a basketball ad...
  13. Guys I'm translating a basketball-related ad. What "taking it to the rim" means? Thanks. I'm totally serious. Can't find it anywhere.
  14. I don’t quite get the love for Atlas. It’s a nice song, but I find that it’s too obvious that it’s one of those Frankensongs that was put together by pasting parts recorded at different times and probably not even thought as parts for the same song. It is specially noticeable when he starts singing “When it’s as wrong and the road gets rough”. That whole section doesn’t flow at all with what comes before and after. Perhaps is cool, I love the layered vocals and how the tension develops through the song and resolves with the solo. But that piano from the intro and after
  15. Do you know what GnFnR stands for? GUNS AND FUCHKING AND ROSES.
  16. Axl is so Fat that they had to shut down GN'AIR because the planes would have crash from the weight of Fat Axl.
  17. What happened with that discussion ‘off air’ in relation to various others who may have tracks? Plus, somebody needs to tap up Zutaut to see if $20k would get us into his vault
  18. In terms of voice that might be true, unless they change tact a little. Axl went all out in the studio which set him a task live. I think GNR could do the Zeppelin retirement lifestyle. Both Jimmy and Plant are alive but they just play one show and release a double GH. The Stones are the walking dead. Zombie integrity. Hockey arena Pepsi hotdog retirement. GNR still have Zeppelin mystique as most saw CD as Axl's solo album which is kind of rock n roll in that it was a 14 million dollar solo project. Judging by the NITL tour the shitshow still has mystique. So I c
  19. Brasky....I'm ready to go any time. You were great but old Dick Dunsford is where charisma goes to die. What a fucking snore. Let me unleash some faaaaat. Also, did anyone who listened actually take notes and write down the good shit Brasky was sharing while Dumbsford just went "uhhhhh"?
  20. Ricky boy sounds like a limp-wristed cuck.
  21. I dont see any GNR activity in terms of new music or touring post axl turning 65. Axl doesnt have the pipes, especially for 2 to 4 year tours every 6 months. Agree that GNR have a retirement vibe like the stones, but the stones have a bigger discography so they can afford to be that. But they are still creating new music so they still have that artistic integrity. GNR is the mothership that can pay for their lifestyles, but each band members solo outlet is their creative muse. Axl might have felt like he could walk away but his return to RIR 00"s(showing newgnr lineup) , gettin
  22. I don't think there's a pin to pull on being a living legend. Like the US might be bankrupt but their won't be a press conference about it. I can see Axl doing an interview in 2050 on a beach in Hawaii where he tells his life story to a bar maid. The exclusive first interview in 30 years. There's a sort of retirement community vibe about the Stones and Zeppelin so that's how GNR is. Open for business but gone for lunch. Bingo at 11. All things considered there just doesn't seem to be much to gain. They have money, they are legends, there's no real way to increase the
  23. No way will they have a pushy industry manager at their age. I would bet GNR decisions comes down to axl having the final say. If axl doesnt want to do it, it wont be done. Touring and releasing boxsets us the bands approach. Maybe an EP but thats wishful thinking. I still think axl will pull the GNR pin at 65.
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