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  2. With regard to it's complexity, it's Estranged. It was the most challenging song for the band, too.
  3. They made several statements in the 80s about not selling out, not playing ball with MTV, about remaining metal, not even making videos. Kinda funny that their first music video was made for their least commercial album. It's not as if they were doing badly before the 90s, they'd sold over a million albums and were the biggest extreme metal group in the world. The black album had enough metal to it not to lose all of their original fanbase (though many abandoned them) but the trendhopping load/reload albums were a total 180 and saw them becoming everything they'd publicly stood against in the eyes of their original fans.
  4. What statement were Metallica making ?
  5. That's it. The fans projected onto GNR to an extent. They weren't going around making grand statements like Metallica, they weren't part of a subculture like thrash metal either. They did make fun of bloated, embarassing hair bands however, and Hook and his crowd probably saw them as transforming into what they had mocked I the past.
  6. And what imaginary "idealistic integrity" did they have ? it's a very overused word.
  7. He's discussing a loss of integrity and the beginning of hypocrisy that alienated the fans who had been there in the beginning. They grew bigger and bigger but lost their roots. It's like Metallica and the black album/load. The difference was that GNR was only a betrayal of idealistic integrity rather than both that and their core musical style.
  8. Axl drove GNR into the ground with UYI LMAO GNR was the biggest band in the world in 1992 and it was when the band was at their height of popularity Stop talking out of your ass
  9. If the songs from the GNR/Shaq recording sessions ever get released, they should be included on the list of choices. I think Papa Johns should offer a free pizza to everyone in America and Brazil if those session songs are released by the end of this year.
  10. God, I fucking love coffee

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    2. Donald Trump

      Donald Trump

      Coffee and THC for me.

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      Frank Drebin

      If it doesn't induse needing a dump 3-4 gulps in... then the brand it's not for me. Right now I'm liking Kenco. 

  11. Are these troll accounts or did they get lost on the way to clownzy’s trans-fest or Jarmo’s dump? I can’t tell.
  12. Hmm. Multiple Guns N'Roses Fans have picked My World as one of their favorite songs. A Fan said he preferred My World over November Rain, and I thought,"He prefers My World over November Rain? Lies. Blatant lies!" But he was completely serious.
  13. Miser shitting up the place again.  Doc must have given him his meds.

  14. One of the 2743 million guys photographed for the UYI booklet's central pages
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