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  2. The sooner, the better.
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  4. Welp. Looks like Broski is gonna go ape on Mojo.
  5. It seems Mojo, TB, and their lackeys may have expanded his hunting grounds beyond Youtube. I found a bunch these today....
  6. Im so sick of reading about kurt. Granted the band released a defining album, but that was one album only. After a huge success the music world moved on. Some people need to as well. A very overrated band and individual.
  7. Goddamn i wish i was on social media, there are some fucked up fans that really deserved to be trolled. Talk about cringe
  8. Its because it was 30 years ago. And nobody cares about a dead junkie. By choosing to be a junkie, Kurt played games with his very existence every day. If someone does not care enough about their own life. Why should other people care? Its long been done and over with. Its time to move on Tom Grant.
  9. Jeebus, what a shit show. Fans getting a bloody face broken nose from Axl's prized red microphone to top it all off. Fuckin' classic, only at GNR show lol I bet Downzy, and any of the faggot admins over at MyGina would pay big money to get hit in the face with Fat Axl's microphone
  10. Just FYI on the below link. The last I knew, the administrator of this Foo Fighter forum was a member of LiveNirvana.com. He's a strange character that would always get upset when I'd start a thread which promoted KC murder discussion. He wanted the mod staff to create a rule where a member (me) "had" to discuss other things before being able to discuss Kurt's death. On numerous occasions, I'd ask him why he cared what my interests were. I'm not sure that he ever fully answered that. http://foofightersforum.com/discussion/1878/livenirvana-com-closed-registrations-as-a-means-to-suppress-kurt-cobain-murder-discussion/p1?new=1
  11. They've slowed the tempos a bunch. Someone told Ferrer to lay off the adderall
  12. Yeah... I can totally hear it.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi HGH, It’s definitely a reasonable question. According to the management, they don’t ban anyone for having an opinion. They claim it’s all about one’s tone. From my experience, tone has nothing to do with it. You can state your belief as professionally as possible, and they will still allow, if not encourage, others to attack you without consequence. I’ve been banned on numerous occasions when it was others that have resorted to name-calling and off-topic banter. Based on what I’ve witnessed, as long as your position aligns with that of the admin, you can say and do as you please. If it doesn’t, watch out! Strangely, I have noticed that you can tend to get away with some “murder talk” if being articulate and capable of debate isn’t a strong suit.
  15. The pre-recorded episodes I've heard were a total mess. What was so bad about the live stream?
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